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To deduct from an account, debt, charge, and the like. Merchants sometimes discount five or six per cent for prompt payment of bills. To lend money upon, deducting the discount or allowance for interest. the banks discount notes and bills of exchange.
DISCOUNT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The initial charges will be 5.25%, discounted by 2% to 3.25 % until 31 January. T, usually passive STOCK MARKET. if shares are discounted, they go down in price, often following bad news.: Stocks were being discounted because of political concerns related to the upcoming election.
Discount Definition of Discount by Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster Logo.
discount di-skaunt Definition of discount Entry 3 of 3. 1 a: selling goods or services for less than their regular or list price: selling goods or services at a discount see discount entry 1 sense 1a1 discount stores a discount broker discount airlines.
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Look up discount in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Discount may refer to.: Arts and entertainment edit. Discount band, punk rock band that formed in Vero Beach, Florida in 1995 and disbanded in 2000. Discount film, French comedy-drama film. Discounts" song, 2020 single by American rapper Cupcakke.
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